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Some pigeons carry messages. Most carry disease.
That's why instead of giving them bread, we recommend giving them the boot. Find the information you need below to do it safely. At YOUNGS PEST CONTROL, LLC, we love birds. But we also know some of them can be real pests. There are lots of options available for minimizing the damage they can cause. Our proven methods protect you, and are harmless to birds and animals.
The Problem: It's more than just a few splats.
Pest bird infestations can cause a variety of health and safety risks.
  • Over 50 diseases can be attributed to urban pest birds, from allergies to E. coli to salmonella.
  • Bird pest droppings can be extremely slippery, leading to problems in areas where the public has access. They also have an acidic content, which is corrosive to paint work and masonry.
  • Droppings and nest materials can block gutters and downpipes, which can damage the pipes themselves, as well as cause water damage to buildings.
  • Bird nests can block chimneys and flues, which can lead to serious build up of poisonous gases.
  • Considerable health risks are caused by the unpleasant insects living in bird nests, including blood feeders, fabric-damaging insects, stored food pests, and carrion-feeding insects such as house flies and blow flies.

The Solution: A simple call.
From exclusion to determent, YOUNGS bird specialist team will provide a site survey to determine the most appropriate control system for you. We will then recommend the solution that suits your particular needs. We provide intelligent bird control solutions that are both discreet and sensitive to the aesthetics and construction of each individual building.
The Guarantee: Watch the birdies go bye-bye.
At YOUNGS PEST CONTROL, LLC, your complete satisfaction is not just a goal. It's our job. If you are not 100% satisfied, you don't pay! Discover the peace of mind only YOUNGS can provide. Call today!

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